Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hairstyles for Round Faces

kelly clarkson hairstyles for round faces
Some women doesn’t like to have round face, the reason is it usually look chubby and even when you are not overweight, you will still look on the heavier side with round face. But round face is what you could call a blessing in disguise, much like oily skin since round face shape tend to look cute and young even when you age. Now why don’t we celebrate our round face shape and get the best of it by taking these below mentioned tips for best appearance.

Shoulder-length or longer is the best choice for a round face. The length will create lines that draw attention away from the round edges of the face. This in the end will make the face appear longer by illusion.

Ask for Your hairstylist to cut your hair with texturized, blended ends. This will take the bulk out of your hair, which can add roundness to your face. Some celebrities go to the extreme by really thinning their hair as to appear lighter. If you are blessed with really thick hair you might want to go this route.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Men Hairstyles

men hairstyles robert pattinson out of bed hairstyles
We all know that fashion is always revolve, what was once a trend might come again a decade later but always with slightly different touch. The case is true with hairstyles for men. Unlike their counterpart the women hairstyles, for the men the variation is slightly less as most men don’t wear their hair long and of course none style their hair with updos or braid. However let not be said that the men is less enthusiastic or putting less effort on their appearance comparing to women. For the metro sexual men, appearance is one of the most important thing and they groomed to reach the perfection of their personal style.

For 2012 there are several hairstyles for men that are more prominent than the other. Lets see what style are they.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

wedding hairstyles
First I would like to offer you congratulation as you are soon to become a bridezilla. It’s the time! Suddenly you found yourself in need of a good organizer as so many things need to be done before that big fat white day.  Flowers, gown, caterer, venue, menu, theme, accommodation for the near and dear ones, all those and more need detailed organization for the perfect wedding without any hiccup.

Now on the big day you want to be the most beautiful princess on the planet earth and after kilometers of walking on high heel scouring every boutique for the “it” wedding dress, you finally found one. The one so beautiful you want to cry to see it. The perfect dress need perfect hairstyles of course, and here I am offering some tips on how to choose your perfect hairstyle.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fungky Short Bob Hairstyles

short bob hairstyle
Bob hairstyle is the first short hairstyles that were wore by women. Bob hairstyle is usually cut straight with variety of length; some are really short it reaches only till the line between ears, or much longer till the tip of the hair graze the shoulder. Fringe or bangs that could be swept aside or straight which also varied in length usually accompanied the short bob hairstyle.

The bob started to become famous by as late as 1910 when an accomplished French actress Polaire wore hers curly hair cut short. The style becomes the rage of the nation when World War II happened as women need a hairstyle that is more practical, easy to maintain but without compromise on the beauty.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Short Formal Hairstyles Choices

More and more women prefer to chop their hair and sport short hairstyle nowadays. This is because of women of today has much more activity and has to juggle so many role at the same time its only good to have hairstyle that need only less time and product to maintain. Because of the technology in hair cut and also hair products that is in the advance stage now, short hairstyle doesn’t need to look severe and unfeminine.

There are a lot of options to choose from. Here are the best examples of haircut that could be your inspiration. Make sure you choose one that suits your face feature and hair texture and you are ready to rock the look:

short formal hairstyles for women choices

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyles: Red Carpet Styles

ashley greene half up half down prom hairstyles
Prom night might be dubbed as the most important night for a young girl. For most of us there are only 2 occasions in our life where we could play princess, unless your name is Taylor Swift. First is prom night or graduation night, and second is wedding day. These are the time to make ourselves the most pretty and an excuse to wear red carpet rate dress.

So it goes without saying that the hairstyle should match the dress and personality to give an elegant package as a whole. As every prom night include dance, the hairstyle should be well thought as not to hamper the activity, it should be look just the same till the end of the night, therefore the best style to choose is half up half down.

In this style, half of the hair is tied up to be styled in different shape while half of the hair is let down to achieve a well defined style from front side while look sensual or sleek depended on whether you wear your hair wavy or straight.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Curly Hairstyles Advice

Let’s Talk About Curly Hair

long curly hairstyle
Anyone with naturally curly hair would agree that curly hair is a mixed blessing. Sometimes curly hair gives us a distinctive look, but other time we wish to have straight and smooth hair. I believe the one that were blessed with straight and smooth hair once in a while will also wish to have curly hair. This is a privilege of being a woman, if we don’t have fickle mind about our appearance then the world will go flat.  The thing is as we mature, our curly hair tend to become frizzy and uncontrollable. If only we could maintain the smooth defined curl that got us so many compliment when we were a child. So how can we control our loopy locks?

Now, what make someone got curly hair and the other straight hair? It’s all depend on the shape of the hair shaft, which is determined by the shape of the hair follicle A cross section view of a straight hair would appear round, while a similar view of a curly hair would appear oval. This shape is determined by a genetic pre-disposition.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Long Hairstyles Beauty

Anne Hathaway long straight pony tail hairstyles
Casual Long Straight Hairstyles

The right long hairstyle will bring your natural beauty to the forefront. People will notice your best features and skip over the blemishes. The style of your hair will make a great impression on the people who you meet.

It is the shape of the face that determines your best style. Your hair is the frame for your face, and a great frame can make the rest of you look like a million bucks. The wrong long hairstyles will make you look as if you do not care about yourself. And we all know what they say about first impressions.

The main face shapes are oval, round, square, heart shaped, triangular, diamond and oblong. There are many long hairstyles that you can use to bring forth your beauty. Knowing which type of face shape you are will make it easier to find the best long hairstyle for you.

Some straight, long hairstyles are: the ponytail, feathered hair and Hime cut. The ponytail is hair pulled back and tied with a cord. It can be tied on the back of the head to prevent hair from bothering the eyes.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Short Hairstyles History

victoria beckham pob - posh's bob - short bob hairstyle
As early as 1910, women started to adopt short hairstyles. The look become popularized by then a famous French movie actress Polaire who had natural curly hair cut short and wore fashionable cap to be her trademark. She wore the look since 1890 and at that time the style was not considered generally respectable. But as World War erupted and the necessity of more practical hairstyle arises as women engaged in the war work, the style has become popular.

The style not only adopted by common women but Lady Diana Cooper, who wore short bob hairstyle since childhood maintains her hairstyle trough adulthood. In 1915 the cut become even more popular when an American actress Irene Castle introduce a shorter cut which fall at the same level as her ears, styled straight at some point and wavy at other occasion. The style has become her trademark that it dubbed “Castle Bob”. Irene is not the only one wearing this style, the other actress who further made the style famous were Coleen Moore and Louise Brook who wore theirs straight and added bang that touch their eyebrow.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Short Hairstyles Trend: The Pixie Cut

emma watson short hair pixie cut
Tough long hairstyles still become the epitome of femininity, but as women of today need to juggle so many role and have less time to maintain long hair, short hairstyles has become the choice of the day. Shorter hairstyle not only easier to maintain, but also, because of advance technology and technique of hairstyling it’s also become very versatile. You could change your hairstyle within minutes, switched from playful to elegant by the flick of a finger, or so to speak.

This year the pixie cut and the bob making a comeback from fashion history with a few new twists to keep things interesting! As we all know that what’s long forgotten could comeback as trend in an instant in fashion, but always with new style to complement modernity.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Choosing the Best Short Hairstyles for Women

amber heard french twist updo short hairstyle
Although short hairstyle has become very popular recently thanks to many Hollywood starlet who sport it, the bad news is this hairstyle need extra knowledge as for certain face feature, only a certain hairstyle could be wear. Other than that there are lots of factors to consider before you decide to sport a short hair cut. It is advisable to go for professional hairstylist to advice you which short hairstyle is best for you. You must also consider the natural body and condition of your hair. The good news is, short hairstyle is relatively easier to manage and care, take less time to style and will look fresh anytime of the day. You could even get away with finger combing; just make sure your hair is healthy.

Condition your hair, keep it healthy, free of dandruff will go a long way for short hairstyle. You really don’t want dandruff flake falling on your shoulder or, as your hair is short even when the dandruff is not in that bad condition to fall off flakes, it will still show when you wear your hair short. Condition your hair is particularly important if you have short curly tresses. Thus, the first thing you need to do is to give body to your hair. This will enable you to easily style your hair in any way you want. If you have rough curls or frizz apply serum and always apply conditioner after every shampoo.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Short Hairstyles When You're Short on Time

short shag hairstyle While many women consider long hair the last word in femininity, not many of us could afford  this hairstyle, mainly because longer hair equal longer time to style and maintain its beauty. Therefore more modern women opt for shorter cut. For those of us women whose time is at a premium, the most appealing hairstyles are the ones which look great with a minimum of care.

There is plethora of styles you could choose from short hairstyles. Many celebrities are sporting shorter hairstyles nowadays so you could get your inspiration from there. Make sure you understand your face shape and hair texture and choose one short hairstyle accordingly. Here are some short hairstyle that are on trend at this moment:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Short Hairstyles Updos

rihanna short hairstyle updo picture
Many women hesitate to cut their hair short for fear that when they need to attend formal do they will come short of choice in wearing elegant hairstyle to go along with the feminine and sexy clothes for the occasion. An aura of beauty could still be achieved even for women who wear their hair short. There are many fabulous short hairstyles for women that can be easily created. Updos hairstyle is one of the best choices available.

The most popular hair updos that suit women with short hairstyles are the different ponytail styles. To create these short hairstyles, all you need to do is to collect your hair into a ponytail. You could use creativity in styling your ponytail, make it super sleek and smooth with the help of thong or you could twist it or French braid it, the option are endless. The length of the ponytail does not matter, and it can be made to dangle loosely or be collected at the top of the head. The attractiveness of any ponytail-based style can be enhanced by decorating it with flowers, funky hair band to suit your funky clothes or put some highlight that is few shade lighter than your hair color for extra oomph. To create a very sexy look and to soften your feature you can also leave some strands hanging loose.