Friday, September 28, 2012

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

wedding hairstyles
First I would like to offer you congratulation as you are soon to become a bridezilla. It’s the time! Suddenly you found yourself in need of a good organizer as so many things need to be done before that big fat white day.  Flowers, gown, caterer, venue, menu, theme, accommodation for the near and dear ones, all those and more need detailed organization for the perfect wedding without any hiccup.

Now on the big day you want to be the most beautiful princess on the planet earth and after kilometers of walking on high heel scouring every boutique for the “it” wedding dress, you finally found one. The one so beautiful you want to cry to see it. The perfect dress need perfect hairstyles of course, and here I am offering some tips on how to choose your perfect hairstyle.

The first thing you need to put into consideration is whether you want to wear veil or not, and what kind of veil that is. Long and simple veil will work wonder with simple bun and a big hair jewelry just like what Bella Swan wore.

Layered veil or embroidered need unobtrusive hairstyle to make the veil stand out and bejeweled hairpin or flowers will not be needed.

The second, the wedding dress itself will make the decision of what hairstyle you should wear.  Casual wedding dress will not match with severe bun or complicated updos. It will look much better with windswept natural look or slight wavy. If you plan to have your wedding on sunset on the beach this will do for you. A regal, royal inspired wedding dress fit for the Queen of England to be, will need a complicated updos tough of course you could break any rule and wear your hair in half up half down updo like Kate Middleton when she married Prince William. It’s your wedding day after all.

There is a tendency towards natural wedding nowadays that taken place in nature places such as garden or on the beach.  Flower garland has also become one of the accessories women prefer lately. If you would like to wear one its best to let your hair down, treat your hair with some TLC beforehand so you will have shiny healthy hair. Wearing Flower Garland with white wedding dress always magnified the romanticism and ethereal quality of a bride.

So many options out there for inspiration but one rule remain true; when in confusion choose the simplest approach. You could apply this rule if the gazillion choices only makes you want to tear out your hair, and the groom to be doesn’t seem see the point of your frustration regarding hairstyle. Simpler hairdo always makes the dress and the wearer stand out. So let go your worries and let your happiness shine out.

Wedding Hairstyles Pictures: Short

short wedding hairstyles spikes

short wedding hairstyles with veil
Wedding Hairstyles Updos Pictures

wedding hairstyles half updos

wedding hairstyles half updos

wedding hairstyles updo

wedding hairstyles updo

wedding hairstyles updo

wedding hairstyles updo with veil

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