Thursday, August 23, 2012

Short Hairstyles When You're Short on Time

short shag hairstyle While many women consider long hair the last word in femininity, not many of us could afford  this hairstyle, mainly because longer hair equal longer time to style and maintain its beauty. Therefore more modern women opt for shorter cut. For those of us women whose time is at a premium, the most appealing hairstyles are the ones which look great with a minimum of care.

There is plethora of styles you could choose from short hairstyles. Many celebrities are sporting shorter hairstyles nowadays so you could get your inspiration from there. Make sure you understand your face shape and hair texture and choose one short hairstyle accordingly. Here are some short hairstyle that are on trend at this moment:

The Celebrity Short Hairstyles

This short hairstyles has been dubbed the celebrity simply because so many celebrities have adopted it for themselves, although because of its quirk it may not be easy to carry off. This hairstyle is ideal for women with small facial features and long, elegant necks. The celebrity hairstyle combines extremely short hair, cut at or right above t he ears, with long bangs swept over the forehead or back behind the ears. Natalie Portman is famous of sporting this hairstyle and carry it off spectacularly it’s like she is born to wear it.

Because not everybody could carry it off, this hairstyle could be the one for those who always want to be different the rest of the flock. If you are blessed with a ballerina's neckline and delicate features, this one is for you. The only maintenance needs is regular trimming to keep it from becoming bushy.

Short Bob Hairstyles

Short bob hairstyles are perhaps the oldest in short hairstyles. It has been around ever since the first flappers dared to cut their long tresses in the early 20th century. And while it comes in several versions, they are all based on an even-length straight cut, and usually include short bangs. Few hairstyles works equally well on both straight and curly hair, the bob is one of them.

The modern approach of the bob is to eliminate the short bangs which fall neatly along the forehead in favor of longer ones which can be swept to the sides of the forehead without being quite long enough to extend behind the ears. Some who favor quirky style cut the bang longer than the hair on the back of the head.

You can easily style your bob with the help of a hair dryer and brush, that’s the beauty of it, simple styling and you are ready to go. But if your hair has enough body, you can also make it more exotic by backcombing it at the crown. This will create a more contemporary look to your short bob hairstyle.

The Shag

The shag haircut works with both short and medium hair but is easier both to style and to maintain if left short. This short hairstyle first gained notice in the 1960s, then picked up fame again in the early 1990 when Jennifer Anniston as Rachel become the symbol of style.

The shag cut has long bangs sweeping the forehead and is cut in uneven layers all over the head. Make sure you go to expert hairstyles if you opt for this style as the perfect shag is not easy to achieve. An expert will help you get one without it looking messy and unkempt like a kid letting loose with a scissor. You can style your shag without styling gel, leaving it looking unkempt, or you can use styling gel to have the layers stand out from your head for a more radical look.

Short Hairstyles Pictures
natalie portman short hairstyles
Natalie Portman still look feminine and beautiful even though she wear short hairstyle. Yes, short hair is one of her beauty factor and no doubt about it.

halle berry short hairstyle
Look at her! Halle Berry looks so much great and cute with her short hairstyle. With this kind of hairstyle, she is describing herself that i am an active woman and cheerful, stay close to me and you will never get bored.

emma watson short pixie hairstyle
Her pixie cut look different with fringes. She really have everybody's attentions.

keira knightley short hairstyle
Even the graceful Keira Knightley ever tried short hairstyle.

short bob hairstyle with bangs

chelsea kane short bob hairstyle

short bob hairstyle

short hairstyle

mohawk short hairstyle

Don’t hesitate to sport short hairstyle, lots of ways to style it and keep browsing here and you will find many inspirations for short hairstyle and how to style it.

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