Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Short Hairstyles Trend: The Pixie Cut

emma watson short hair pixie cut
Tough long hairstyles still become the epitome of femininity, but as women of today need to juggle so many role and have less time to maintain long hair, short hairstyles has become the choice of the day. Shorter hairstyle not only easier to maintain, but also, because of advance technology and technique of hairstyling it’s also become very versatile. You could change your hairstyle within minutes, switched from playful to elegant by the flick of a finger, or so to speak.

This year the pixie cut and the bob making a comeback from fashion history with a few new twists to keep things interesting! As we all know that what’s long forgotten could comeback as trend in an instant in fashion, but always with new style to complement modernity.

What’s hot now is the pixie cut. The cut made famous by Victoria Beckham who along with her fashion line introduce clean lines, fabulous cut and the pride of being woman who need to raise 4 kids but could run a fashion empire and become a celebrity footballer wife at the same time. This hairstyle includes razor trimmed ends and a bit of fringe that just brushes above your eyes for that unique side swept look. The key to achieving this laid back hairstyle is to make sure it is not too forced.

The entire idea of the pixie cut is to be a bit messy and even look like you just get up from bed. This what appeal most for modern women, you could wake up late, and put on fab clothes and you hair doesn’t even need a comb. It takes really only a few seconds to style once it is dry and you are done for the day. The style is best suited for poker straight hair and finer hair but with technology in hair product, this could be easily achieved.

The style not necessarily need skinny face with razor sharp cheekbones, you could still wear this if your face is rounder. One trick is to leave a bit more length around the back of the neck; this additional length will give the style a bit more dimension and flatter the shape of your face. This style could really flatter your overall appearance because, if you are in the heavier side, this will make your neck look longer. It will lend you a more youthful and fresh look. It only need a bit of styling gel, and regular trim to style and maintenance.  With the trend in fashion now lean towards quirky and more individual look, this style will complement your style.

There is nothing better than starting fresh with a brand new hairstyle; take that risk today, cut off those locks and refresh your personal style!

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