Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Men Hairstyles

men hairstyles robert pattinson out of bed hairstyles
We all know that fashion is always revolve, what was once a trend might come again a decade later but always with slightly different touch. The case is true with hairstyles for men. Unlike their counterpart the women hairstyles, for the men the variation is slightly less as most men don’t wear their hair long and of course none style their hair with updos or braid. However let not be said that the men is less enthusiastic or putting less effort on their appearance comparing to women. For the metro sexual men, appearance is one of the most important thing and they groomed to reach the perfection of their personal style.

For 2012 there are several hairstyles for men that are more prominent than the other. Lets see what style are they.

Out of Bed Men Hairstyles
The artfully messy, just like out of bed look is all the rage in the last 2 years and is still going strong till 2012. This is perhaps because it’s easy to style and is an epitome of sexiness, easy going and I-am-cool attitude. To achieve such look ask your stylish to cut your hair about 1,5 or 2 inches from the root, army cut will never do, now when your hair is slightly damp after wash took a small amount of curl booster or hair mouse and with your palm apply it to your hair with slightly scrunch it. Then blow your hair with hairdryer and meanwhile with another hand mess your hair slightly this way and that. The one that is famous with this look is Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame.

shoulder length men hairstyles
Shoulder Length Men Hairstyles
This style is shown in Dolce and Gabbana stage and would be a perfect choice if you got a long face shape. The look imitate Jesus hairstyles. To get the same, ask your hairdresser to cut your hair to the length of just right of the level of your jaw. For this style there is one thing you should always remember, wash your hair everyday as men scalp are usually produce more oil and this will make your hair look greasy, you won’t want that believe me, you don’t want to end up looking like Severus Snape after all. For a party you could take a small hair band preferably of the same color as your hair and take half up of your hair and tied it up.

men hairstyles david beckham spike hairstyles
Spike Cut Men Hairstyles
Spike cut or crew cut is the cut that a compulsory in army hence the name “crew cut”. The hair cut very close to the scalp leaving only few centimeter of hair from the root. This is still one of the cut that is most preferable among the masses because it takes nothing for styling and only once a month haircut. The cut itself always associated with macho and manly look therefore this style is most appealing for common men that has no time nor maybe sometimes money too groom themselves.

Whatever your choice of hairstyle, it is important to maintain healthy hair and scalp especially as I mentioned before that men produce more oil therefore more prone for dandruff. Enjoy picking up style for 2012!

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