Thursday, September 13, 2012

Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyles: Red Carpet Styles

ashley greene half up half down prom hairstyles
Prom night might be dubbed as the most important night for a young girl. For most of us there are only 2 occasions in our life where we could play princess, unless your name is Taylor Swift. First is prom night or graduation night, and second is wedding day. These are the time to make ourselves the most pretty and an excuse to wear red carpet rate dress.

So it goes without saying that the hairstyle should match the dress and personality to give an elegant package as a whole. As every prom night include dance, the hairstyle should be well thought as not to hamper the activity, it should be look just the same till the end of the night, therefore the best style to choose is half up half down.

In this style, half of the hair is tied up to be styled in different shape while half of the hair is let down to achieve a well defined style from front side while look sensual or sleek depended on whether you wear your hair wavy or straight.

The best thing about this style is that it’s elegant without trying too hard; it’s the best style for young ladies, it flow with every dance movement (from Lady Gaga to Taylor Swift songs), and as the styling is simple it last for the whole night and some. What’s more to ask for?
So many celebrities chose half up half down hairstyle for their red carpet moment. Angeline Jolie, Freida Pinto, Carrie Underwood, Jessica Chastain for her Oscar night, Ashley Green and many many more.

This is also the style where professional hairstylist might not be needed and you and your BFF could help each other style it.

First, bring hair up to the top of your head and secure with bobby pins for a loose look or a barrette for a tight, sleek style. If you have bangs sweep bangs or short layers to the side or part down the middle to frame your face. This will add softness to your face. For the up hair, you could twist it and secure with bobby pins, or you could let it loose like the picture below:

victoria justice half up half down prom hairstyles updos

This style is so versatile it suit every hairstyle, face shape and age. This girl whose hair is really curly wore this and just looks great.
very curly half up half down prom hairstyles

Slightly puffy on top hair of this half up hairstyle will lend you a longer face appearance.Take a look at this picture:

straight blonde half up half down prom hairstyles

If your hair is straight, wear it like Ashley green, this will make you look sleek and clean giving way of your natural beauty to show.

ashley greene half up half down prom hairstyles

ashley greene half up half down prom hairstyles

Reese Witherspoon wear hers slightly different and quite interesting, she bring up only a quarter up of her hair, and she look really fabulous.
reese witherspoon half up half down prom hairstyles

Now you don’t need tear your hair getting worry on how to style your hair. Half up and half down prom style is one of the best there is. This is so simple to style, you save time and money as you don’t need to go to professional hairstylist. Now for the more worrying thing, getting the partner for the prom. Cheers!

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