Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fungky Short Bob Hairstyles

short bob hairstyle
Bob hairstyle is the first short hairstyles that were wore by women. Bob hairstyle is usually cut straight with variety of length; some are really short it reaches only till the line between ears, or much longer till the tip of the hair graze the shoulder. Fringe or bangs that could be swept aside or straight which also varied in length usually accompanied the short bob hairstyle.

The bob started to become famous by as late as 1910 when an accomplished French actress Polaire wore hers curly hair cut short. The style becomes the rage of the nation when World War II happened as women need a hairstyle that is more practical, easy to maintain but without compromise on the beauty.

There are several cut of this bob hairstyle and each bearing its own unique name,

Page Boy : The cut is very straight, usually few inches below the ears but not yet touch the shoulder, with fringe that also cut straight and grazes eyebrow. Anna Wintour of Vogue wears hers for years and years thus make this style synonymous with her. The other celebrity who is also well known for the style is Patricia Arquette who highlight her blonde bob cut hair. Adding highlight is a clever touch at it will add volume and dimension to the hair.

page boy short bob hairstyle
A-Line Bob : A standard bob cut, along with somewhat longer hair in front, cut in an uneven design. The style first got its hall of fame in the eighties. The rock and roll culture that booming in those time makes so many women adapt to this style. As for lately the style has become even more popular with Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, and Paris Hilton all sporting the same cut tough with variation.

short line bob hairstyle

Chinese Bob : Cut with variation of length but with fringe or bangs that is cut straight 1 or 2 inches above eye brow. This suit the fine hair as the fringe will always fall naturally because of its texture.  The problem with this cut is that not everyone could wear this off with elan and sometime this cut will turn up to look childish and rather silly so if you would like to wear one, perhaps it’s better to try it out before final cut of your bang. But if ever you did it anyway and did not like the look there is an easy remedy, just take a little of your fringe on the middle of your hair then scrunch it with tight toothed comb and cover with remaining fringe hair on top of it to make a slight bounce, pin is with bobby pin and add some hairspray to hold it a bit.

chinese short bob hairstyle

short bob hairstyle with bangs

Celebrity Short Bob Hairstyles Pictures

katy perry short bob hairstyle

keira knightley short bob hairstyle

rose byrne short bob hairstyle

selena gomez short bob hairstyle

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