Saturday, September 15, 2012

Short Formal Hairstyles Choices

More and more women prefer to chop their hair and sport short hairstyle nowadays. This is because of women of today has much more activity and has to juggle so many role at the same time its only good to have hairstyle that need only less time and product to maintain. Because of the technology in hair cut and also hair products that is in the advance stage now, short hairstyle doesn’t need to look severe and unfeminine.

There are a lot of options to choose from. Here are the best examples of haircut that could be your inspiration. Make sure you choose one that suits your face feature and hair texture and you are ready to rock the look:

short formal hairstyles for women choices

In the first picture you will see that hair color is now definitely in. Even when you are of darker skin, it doesn’t mean you could not wear it with panache. Her face shape is long and she smartly let her bang hide most part of her high forehead as to give illusion of shorter face shape.

Anne Hathaway wore her curly short hair with long side fringe. Her slightly messy look gives an air of easygoing and carefree personality.

Patricia Arquette wears a classic bob with straight cut for her bang. This gives her a youthful appeal and suits her fine hair nicely.

Now for the queen of Short hairstyle cut, Victoria Beckham. She wears her hair in various style of bob that it’s become her trademark, so much so that many young girls asked for “POB” short of “Posh of Bob” Posh being her nickname in band girl “Spicegirl”. With longer front side near her face, it elongated her face.

If Victoria is the queen of bob cut, Halle Barry is the queen of Pixie cut. Cropped close to her head, this style suits those with petite figure and slightly curly hair.

Cate Blanchet look much younger in this short windswept cut. This one suits fine hair.

For boys cut you could copy Keira Knightly, this one will sure make you stand out among the crowd.
2012 seems to be the year for short hairstyle, so many celebrities sporting one or the other variation and it’s time for you to throw the caution to the wind and head for your favorite salon and ask for one.

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