Sunday, August 12, 2012

Short Hairstyles Updos

rihanna short hairstyle updo picture
Many women hesitate to cut their hair short for fear that when they need to attend formal do they will come short of choice in wearing elegant hairstyle to go along with the feminine and sexy clothes for the occasion. An aura of beauty could still be achieved even for women who wear their hair short. There are many fabulous short hairstyles for women that can be easily created. Updos hairstyle is one of the best choices available.

The most popular hair updos that suit women with short hairstyles are the different ponytail styles. To create these short hairstyles, all you need to do is to collect your hair into a ponytail. You could use creativity in styling your ponytail, make it super sleek and smooth with the help of thong or you could twist it or French braid it, the option are endless. The length of the ponytail does not matter, and it can be made to dangle loosely or be collected at the top of the head. The attractiveness of any ponytail-based style can be enhanced by decorating it with flowers, funky hair band to suit your funky clothes or put some highlight that is few shade lighter than your hair color for extra oomph. To create a very sexy look and to soften your feature you can also leave some strands hanging loose.

For straight or slightly curly short hair you could opt for half updo. This is a very simple short hairstyles updos but with tons of style and elegance packed. To create this hairstyle, first tie your short hair in the middle part of your head using a hair band. If your dress is super feminine, it is best to use very thin hair band that match the color of your hair, but if your attire is on the funky side, you could pick the hair band that match the color of your dress, would it fun? The hair in the front portion of your head can be left hanging as strands; this will soften your face feature. Once you arrange it to your liking, you can then use a spray to add volume to the strands. The strands can then be brushed up or left as they are. Don’t forget to spray shine serum for super sleek half updos and you are ready to rock.

Another option for women with short hairstyles is to style it like Madonna in the movie “Evita Peron”. This is quite simple but look sophisticated all the same. Clip the hair on the nape with long clip, and this is the fun part, you could choose from so many options for beautiful clip, then took some mousse or styling gel, apply to your short hair, curl it inside and secure with bobby pins, then spray some hairspray to maintain the look.

Hair updos are the perfect answer to hair styling when you want to achieve elegance and sophistication for formal appearance. It does not matter whether your short hair is straight or curly as there are plenty of short hairstyles for women to choose from. Either visit a hairstylist, or do it yourself. You will amaze yourself with the possibilities. Very attractive short hairstyles for women are possible with short hair updos and so many possibilities to explore.

Short Hairstyles Updo Pictures

Charlize Theron short hairstyles updos
Charlize Theron short hairstyle updo gives elegance look. She uses a beautiful hair band that match the color of her dress and it's awesomely beautiful.

Gwen Stefani short hairstyles updos
Gwen Stefani's hair is not really that short, but she manage to have the short hairstyles look with her band and she looks great!
Winona Ryder short hairstyles updos
Winona Ryder looks great with her black hair band that match the color of her hair and her dress. Black hair band in black short hair makes strong impression.
short hair updos picture
This cute short hair updo is surprisingly easy to style, just use your hair to comb and make the hair litle bit messy, then finish with hairsprayer.

short hairstyles updos picture
Who is this beauty? her short hairstyle updo strongly featuring her lovely smile. She is very good looking and is very attractive.


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